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ESPN: Raiders Talking T.O.



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    Terrell Owens' career could be pointing to Oakland.

    The life decisions of Terrell Owens are about as difficult to predict as the Bay Area weather during May.

    But ESPN's NFL gumshoe John Clayton predicts that Owens' next team will be none other than the Oakland Raiders, insisting that the Raiders are definitely interested.

    "The Oakland Raiders have talked about (Terrell) Owens internally, but it hasn't gotten past that point and might not for a while," writes Clayton. "But price is the problem. He might not be willing to sign for less than $5 million."

    But teams might not be willing to sign him, period. The four NFL teams he's played for don't want him back. The Raiders' most valuable asset, should they really want T.O., is the lack of competition for his services. "The only team that makes sense is the Raiders," writes Clayton.

    Speaking of lack of competition for services, our newly-departed buddy JaMarcus Russell's phone has not been ringing off the hook either.

    That Bengals tryout did not pan out, as reported Friday that "There don’t appear to be any plans at the moment to look at the free-agent quarterback. One fear appears to be that he’s seen as a developmental guy and that the Bengals don’t have room for a project."

    Now it's getting bleak for JaMarcus. "Russell apparently is running out of options," writes former Raiders exec Mike Lombardi at the National Football Post. "Cincinnati isn't interested, and several teams are exploring the possibility of Russell playing another position."

    But unless this "other position" is placekick holder, a team that takes Russell is likely to be as disappointed as were the Raiders.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is still enjoying the dirty words that pop up in the Wikipedia entry portion of a Google search on Terrell Owens' name