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Forget the Beard, Fear the Rally Thong



    Giants Fever: Team Coverage

    The players and the fans are more than ready to play playoff baseball. (Published Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010)

    Juan Uribe is going all orange and Brian Wilson wants opposing hitters to fear the beard.

    But there is something else that fans and opponents of the Giants alike should fear.

    Giants' first baseman Aubrey Huff has enjoyed a brilliant season batting 290 with 26 home runs and driving in 86. He is also playing in his first postseason game in his 10 year career.

    So what is one of the Giants' most integral offensive players doing to get an edge over the Atlanta Braves heading into game two Friday night?

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    He is busting out his rally thong -- or tucking into it anyway. Or at least he is talking about wearing one. At a pregame interview Friday, Huff told the San Francisco Chronicle's fine baseball reporter Henry Schulman that he is wearing his rally thong right now, you know just in case "you're interested."

    Catchers beware.