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Fur Wearing Quarterback Says He Was "Embarrassed"



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    JaMarcus Russell is convinced he will revive his career.

    The man lovingly referred to as "JaMinkus" for wearing a fur coat when speaking with the media says he was "embarrassed." But he was not humiliated for his choice in PETA irking fashion.

    Instead JaMarcus Russell says he sees his recent demotion as the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders as a "road bump" but he was embarrassed none the less.

    Does the man, who has been called the latest incarnation of Jeff George, finally have a fire in his belly worthy of his $30 million plus contract?

    It appears Bruce Gradkowski winning two of his last three starts, against worthy opponents nonetheless, was what Russell needed to show that despite having the strongest arm in the league, even Al Davis has his limits.

    Russell told the Associated Press, in his first interview since being benched, that he believes he is still the quarterback of the future for the Raiders.

    The former No. 1 over all pick might want to start living the future in the present because Gradkowski has no intention of giving up his starting job.