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German Fans Banned For Throwing Human Waste at Rivals

Disgusting stunt gets fans banned across the nation



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    Three German fans are banned from stadiums across the nation after a disgusting stunt.

    Three fans of German soccer club Cologne are banned from stadiums for three years after being caught throwing containers of human waste at rival fans.

    The trio threw bags containing urine and feces at fans of Schalke, and were later identified through video footage and witness interviews.

    Cologne said it "strongly condemns" the incident, which occurred during the team's 5-1 loss Saturday at Schalke. Other fans are also under investigation.

    "The three offenders have been identified and in all cases are banned from stadiums nationwide with immediate effect," said Rainer Mendel, a spokesman for Cologne's fans, told AFP. "We have made it clear that we will not tolerate such behavior and strongly condemn what has happened."

    Mexican fans have in the past thrown bags of feces and urine at American soccer fans.

    "The crowd roared with malicious delight. Suddenly more bags of urine -- and feces -- began cascading down on us, exploding like water balloons on the Fourth of July," Gerry Hadden wrote after covering the World Cup in Mexico in 2006.