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Giants Catch a Case of Dance Fever



    Giants Catch a Case of Dance Fever
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    Aubrey Huff has never been shy.

    The Bay Area hasn't quite recovered from Giants' fever yet. And apparently the team is dealing with its own fever. Dance fever.

    SF Gate's venerable columnistLeah Garchik has a report of Giants' players showing up at the Republic in San Francisco's Marina district shortly after the team's World Series victory parade.

    Fresh off of pulling a thong out of his pants in front of tens of thousands of fans and on national television, Aubrey Huff was joined by Brian Wilson and the man rumored to be the not so shy Machine, Pat Burrell.

    Surprisngly only two of the players held an impromptu dance session at the club and the one who sat out was the boisterous Brian Wilson.

    Garchik says Huff cleared the dance floor and "did some break-dancing moves" and Burrell had women clamoring for his shirt as he danced "on top of the couches like a rock star."

    Meanwhile, Wilson sat in the corner of the room and just calmly took everything in.