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Giants' Coke Bottle Belches $6M Suit



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    Beware the bottle at AT&T Park.

    Before the Giants opened their new downtown ballpark in the neighborhood, 3rd Street near China Basin was considered a pretty dangerous part of San Francisco.

    Evidently, the area is now considered dangerous again. And not because of crime or violence.

    China Basin is dangerous again because of the Coca-Cola Super Slide in the playground of AT&T Park. The Associated Pressreports that a $6 million lawsuit is being brought against the Giants from a fan who injured his knee and ankle riding the Coca-Cola Super Slide.

    This is the fourth time someone has sued the Giants and or Coca-Cola over slide-related injuries since the park opened in 2000.

    You know that Coca-Cola Super Slide. It's the curiously aqua-colored 80-foot Coke bottle structure in the promenade level of AT&T Park, right next the enormous baseball glove. A mixture of green metal planks and multi-colored neon, it looks like an over sized soft drink bottle as designed by someone who just got back from Burning Man.

    And it has a kids' slide inside, one which we're led to believe did $6 million damage to the knee of the plaintiff Chad Mello. Mello has already received a financial settlement from the slide's designer.

    $6 million? For a twisted ankle, when you've already received previous settlement money over the very same injury? I hope that guy intends to buy the world a Coke. 

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who suddenly thinks there may be a lucrative future in his uncanny knack for sloppy motor skills in the bleachers of Giants games.