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Sorry, Philly; Giants Fans Aren't "Pathetic"

SF loyalists refrain from purposely vomiting on children



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    Giants fans were out in force hoping for the Giants to close out the series at home.

    The San Francisco Giants are heading back into the unfriendly confines of Citizen Bank Park this weekend, up 3-2 in the best of seven NLCS.   

    Now, we're on the record thinking Giants fans, including this one, honestly see the actions of Philly fans as mean-spirited. Basically, what we saw as downright rude, they saw  as passionate.

    Well our sister station took that and ran with it -- all the way to a rowdy Phillies bar to get some 'local color.' (Both and are owned by NBC Universal.)

    Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love, but it's anything but when it comes to its sports fans -- fans who take pleasure in ridiculing opponents. Of course, this isn't exactly news to sports fans. Anywhere. On the planet.

    But the best retort they had was calling us 'pathetic,' to quote a NBC Philadelphia reporter?

    As background, here are a few of Philly's greatest hits:

    • Philly fans are infamous for booing their own players when they aren't happy with their performance. Remember that story about fans booing Santa? That happened at an Eagles game.
    • One fan got jail time after purposely vomiting on a little girl. The fan, known as Pukemon, did it because he was mad at the girl's dad for reporting bad behavior by other fans earlier in the game.
    • Back in June, a toddler at a Phillies game was caught on tape drinking a beer.
    • And last year, a woman was arrested for prostitution after trying to trade sex for two tickets to the World Series.

    So Giants fans will stick with class over crass, and give no apologies for their level of passion, which sparked the "Don't Stop Believing" battle cry. 

    At least no matter what happens in this NLCS, we can safely say no Giants fans have ever purposely vomited on a child.