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Win Means Bye-Bye Bobby Cox

Giants send Cox into retirement with Giants 3-2 win



    Win Means Bye-Bye Bobby Cox
    Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox waves to fans after a 3-2 loss to the San Francisco Giants in Game 4 of baseball's National League Division Series on Monday, Oct. 11, 2010, in Atlanta. After a half-century in baseball, most of it in uniform, Cox must move out of the dugout. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

    A great baseball man closed down his career with a final game against the San Francisco Giants.

    For long-time Atlanta manager Bobby Cox, Monday night was his last game prior to retirement.

    Cox's team lost to the Giants in a thrilling 3-2 game at Turner Field.

    Cody Ross was the hero of the night hitting a home run and driving in the winning run on the Giants side of things.

    By most accounts, Cox is the hero of Atlanta no matter the score.

    He came out on to the field as the Giants finished their on-field celebration to acknowledge the hometown crowd who knew that his storied career was complete.  The Atlanta fans were not going to let Cox walk to the locker room without a proper good-bye. 

    Members of the Giants team stopped to what they were doing as well to honor Cox in that moment.  Cox said after the game that he really appreciated that gesture.

    "It doesn't feel like this is the last time I will put it (his uniform) on, but it is and never will again," Cox said.  He then broke down and had to stop talking in order to compose himself.

    Cox all but assured a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Players who have played for Atlanta seem to have only kind words to say of their manager.

    The series was a coaching duel with Cox sparring with Giants manager Bruce Bochy.  Every game in the NLDS series was won by one run.

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