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Go Ahead and Mess With Texas



    Who shot J.R.? Someone with aim -- so, NOT a Texas Ranger. Check out the video to see what other phrases the Game One stunner spawned. (Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010)

    After the Giants shellacked the Rangers last night, we're thinking Texas should consider revamping some its state slogans. 

    Here's some suggestions from NBC Bay Area's Bob Redell:

    1. Mess With Texas
    2. Everything's Bigger in Texas, Except Our Baseball Scores
    3. It's Like a Whole Other Country, Kind of Like England Where They Don't Really Know How to Play Baseball Though We Hear They're Pretty Good at Cricket and Soccer
    4. Q: Who Shot J.R.?  A: Someone who can aim.  A.K.A. someone who doesn't play for the Rangers.

    Got more? Send them along to this link. And thanks!

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