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Governator Takes in 49ers Practice



    Governator Takes in 49ers Practice
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    Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger watched 49ers practice Friday.

    Things got more pumped up than usual at San Francisco 49ers training camp Friday morning, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made a cameo appearance as himself.

    Gov. Schwarzenegger was a guest of team owner Jed York. The 49ers' PR department sent out a tweetphoto of Jed and the governor just cold strolling around on the field after Friday early practice.

    Schwarzenegger's reason for attending 49ers practice appears to be the simple fact that he was in the neighborhood.

    The governor was in Santa Clara to deliver a speech at the Bay Area Council Outlook Conference, an elite powwow of executives and elected officials being held next door to the Niners' practice facility in Santa Clara. One of the topics covered was "An Insidious Threat for Nations, Companies and You: The Growing Cyber War."

    Schwarzenegger is uniquely qualified to discuss cyber war, as he is a robot sent from the future by evil machines

    The governor did not comment on whether he would be visiting any more 49ers practices.

    But several 49ers surely declared that he would "be back," doing their best Austrian bodybuilder impersonations.

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