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Hanson Still Not Done Suing Raiders



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    Randy Hanson still plans to sue the Oakland Raiders.

    Thursday's ruling by Napa District Attorney Gary Lieberstein that he will not press assault charges against Raiders coach Tom Cable should mean that we can put this whole mess behind us.

    We can't. There will still be a lawsuit.

    "I personally could care less whether they prosecute the case, because we don’t need the DA to prosecute this case to pursue it as a civil matter,” Randy Hanson's attorney John McGuinntold Yahoo! Sports. “His case is as strong without the criminal prosecution as it is with it."

    "It’s frustrating to feel that the representatives of the people of California – the county of Napa – don’t want to do (the right thing) for the people,” McGuinn said.

    The Napa DA's ruling concluded that Hanson's account of his altercation with Tom Cable was not as credible as the accounts of the three eyewitnesses to the altercation, Raiders Defensive Coordinator John Marshall, and defensive assistants Willie Brown and Lionel Washington.  The three eyewitnesses all said that Cable did not assault Hanson.

    Hanson, meanwhile, responded to the news that the DA had ruled against him with an Oakland Raiders analogy. "It felt like the Rob Lytle fumble all over again," Hanson told Yahoo! Sports, referring to a 1977 playoff game where an apparent fumble was not awarded to the Raiders and the Broncos went on to win.

    Actually, Randy Hanson, this is not like anything in Oakland Raiders history. Because this time, the officials ruled that the Raiders had not done anything wrong.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who wonders how Randy Hanson has such vivid memories of playoff games played when he was five-years-old.