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How the Giants, Twitter Won the World Series



    The Giants played a Spring Training intrasquad game in Scottsdale to get ready for Cactus League action. (Published Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011)

    The San Francisco Giants and Twitter share more than a home city, they share a real connection with their rabid fan bases.

    The Giants started their Twitter account to share that day's starting lineup. Now, with help from Twitter and, in large part, from their engaged and invigorated fan base, they've built a robust and informative social network.

    [This website has a gallery of Twitpics from the 2010 playoffs, too. You can follow us at @nbcbayarea.]

    The team live-updated during games, fans swapped and shared Twitpics, parking tips and even victory parade shout-outs. (The team even have a head of social medai in the front office, Bryan Srabian.)

    Even in the off-season, players added their own accounts to the cause, with Pablo Sandoval, Sergio Romo and the inimitable Brian Wilson lending their thoughts, insights and whatever else is to come.

    With spring training underway, Twitter's still the horse's mouth when it comes to following the Giants.