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JaMarcus' Buddy Takes the Blame, Judge Unmoved



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    JaMarcus Russell's buddy is trying to take the fall for him.

    A court room shocker in the JaMarcus Russell codeine possession trial Wednesday, when a longtime friend of Russell's suddenly claimed on the stands and under oath that the drugs belonged to him and not Russell.

    This was unexpected news to the prosecution. This was unexpected news to the guy's own lawyer. This may have even been unexpected news to JaMarcus Russell, who had told police at the time of the arrest that the codeine was his.

    Marcus Stevenson, a friend of Russell's since they were both 10-years-old, was in JaMarcus' house at the time of the arrest and a witness Wednesday in Russell's trial. Stevenson was asked under oath to whom the codeine syrup belonged. "Myself," he responded, Fox 10 TV reports.

    His astonished lawyer turned as purple as a fresh batch of sizzurp and furiously tried to get Stevenson to shut up. But the damage was done.

    Another shocker? The "purple drank" in question was not actually purple, as has been widely reported. Evidence shows that the codeine beverage in question was actually concocted using orange soda.

    So if you enjoy correcting people, you can have a field day with that one.

    Russell's attorney immediately asked the judge to dismiss the case. The judge would not take the request.

    "I am sending this to the grand jury. There is probable cause," Judge Charles McKnight said.

    If this was a scheme, it may have backfired. Russell is still standing trial, and his friend was taken away in cuffs. Now both guys are on the hook.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who wants this made into a TV show called "LA Law: Louisiana".