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JaMarcus Gets Paparazzi'd Out Clubbing



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    JaMarcus Russell got snapped out clubbing by the paparazzi.

    Add JaMarcus Russell to the list of young NFL quarterbacks snagged in debaucherous party pictures they didn't know would end up all over the Internet. A batch of snapshots of Russell out living it up at the club have popped up on Internet photo site PartyChaser.com.

    I was hoping PartyChaser.com meant that this Web site would be selling Jell-o shots over the Internet, but it's just pictures of people out at nightclubs.

    Much to the disappointment of nattering critics and salacious gossip hounds (such as for instance - me),  JaMarcus is actually comporting himself with complete dignity in the photos and isn't doing anything at all compromising. He is simply out at a nightclub with friends, albeit with an enormous cigar in his mouth and some of the absolute blingest Raider jewelry ever created in the history of the franchise.

    And as Just Blog Baby rather aptly points out, the cigar is not even lit.

    The JaMarcus paparazzi photos have been handily compiled over at RaiderFans.net, and they aren't that bad at all. They're not nearly as wasted-looking as the Vince Young photos or as embarrassing as the Brady Quinn photos or as beer bong-y as the Matt Leinart photos. Russell looks great, and he's nowhere near any kind of buffet table.

    It should be noted that the timing of the photos is not clear. And Russell has been a thorough participant this off-season's voluntary team activities.

    But it doesn't look like JaMarcus is having trouble finding himself all kinds of off-season activities.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who wishes that diamond-encrusted Raider jersey medallions were more readily available to the general public.