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JaMarcus Pleads Not Guilty, Looks Good Doing It



    JaMarcus Pleads Not Guilty, Looks Good Doing It
    The former NFL quarterback walks into a courtroom on Tuesday. Photo: Fox10TV.com

    Former Oakland Raidersquarterback JaMarcus Russell -- arrested two weeks ago on a drug charge -- appeared in a Mobile, Ala. court Tuesday morning and pled not guilty, the Mobile Press-Register reports.

    Russell rolled into the 13th Judicial Circuit courtroom of the Hon. Charles M. Knight in Mobile,  accompanied by his mother and his attorney Donald Briskman.

    Russell did not at any point speak for himself. He left that to his attorney, who quipped "Nice to be here!" to the FOX 10 TV cameras on hand. 

    JaMarcus showed up wearing sunglasses --  indoors, in the daytime, in court. He wore an all-black suit, shirt untucked, with the initials "JR" embroidered on the breast pocket of his suit jacket.

    Because nothing says "innocent" quite like wearing sunglasses indoors in the daytime in court, and a $1,000 suit with the defendant's initials embroidered Cadillac-logo-style on the breast pocket.

    "We fully expect he will be exonerated from these charges," Russell's attorney told Fox 10 TV. "I've had an opportunity within the last week to get some additional information which bolsters my feeling that he's ultimately going to be acquitted."

    Regrettably, no one threw confetti like they did at Lindsey Lohan's court appearance.

    But there's still time, Raider fans. Russell will be back in court for his preliminary hearing on Aug. 11.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who's pretty sure JaMarcus paid more for his sunglasses than he paid for his bail.