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JaMarcus Still Benched, Despite Win



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    JaMarcus Russell will stay on the bench, despite beating the Broncos.

    In Sunday's win over the Broncos, JaMarcus Russell engineered a game-winning drive, won the game ball, and may have saved his coach's job.

    His prize? A set of steak knives. Raiders coach Tom Cabletold the Oakland Tribune that Charlie Frye is still Sunday's starter in Cleveland.

    "Charlie (Frye) was playing really well before he got knocked out," Cable told the Tribune, referring to Frye's performance that netted him a 38.4 quarterback rating. " If he’s ready to go he’ll play. If not, we’ll go with JaMarcus but it’s too early to tell.”

    Russell did manage the game-winning touchdown. But Coach Cable perhaps can't get beyond the way Russell still routinely missed receivers, or how he fumbled on his first  possession.

    Maybe Russell should only go in when it's fourth-and-ten.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks a set of steak knives is not really a bad prize at all.