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JaMarcus has "Slimmed Down" to 271 Pounds



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    JaMarcus Russell has "slimmed down" to 271 pounds.

    Oakland Raiders fans were promised a "totally different" JaMarcus Russell as this year's Raiders off-season workout program began this week.

    "You'll be surprised when you see him,"  retired assistant coach Willie Brown told Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. "Quite a bit of weight he has lost, quite a bit."

    One intrepid Bay Area reporter got the skinny that JaMarcus is still anything but.

    "JaMarcus Russell weighed 271 pounds when he reported for voluntary work-outs this week," the Mercury News' Tim Kawakami tweeted Thursday.

    Just the day before, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area reporter Kate Longworth caught up with Russell. And by "caught up with," I literally mean she ran and had to catch up with him. Russell was trying to drive away. Some very entertaining footage of the encounter is available online.

    "I'm not doing interviews today," Russell said, driving away in a white SUV.

    Undaunted. Ms. Longworth held the microphone out and kept chasing Russell's moving car. "How are you feeling? In shape?" She asked..

    "Pretty good," Russell says. "We have some rocks we have to climb, but it's going to take a while to get there. But that's what we're here for, to work."

    Russell has become like Jessica Simpson. His weight is an ongoing news story that won't go away, and fans feel every right to give undue attention and ridicule when he balloons.

    Russell's listed weight is 260 pounds. If his current, actual weight is 271 pounds, then Russell did very little, or else inadequate conditioning during the off-season. Either that or he was sneaking Double Doubles with Animal fries the whole time.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is intimately familiar Animal fries and the rest of the In-N-Out secret menu.