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Phil Jackson: This Really Is It

After this season, the coach says he's done with basketball and on to something else... opera maybe



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    Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson holds up his NBA championship ring during a ceremony before the Lakers' game against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday, Oct. 26

    No matter what, Phil Jackson says he's done after this season.

    In an interview scheduled for broadcast Sunday, Hannah Storm asked Jackson whether he can definitively say this is his last year.

    His answer: "Most everybody believes I'm not going to fulfill this last-stand promise and I will come back and coach again. It really is. I really want to do this for myself."

    A segment of the interview is posted at ESPNLosAngeles.

    He said he has no plans to be part of basketball after this season -- that means no announcing, no commentary work. He's more interested in a night at the opera.

    Jackson also was asked to compare his stint in LA with his time in Chicago. Sounds like Chicago will always be No. 1 in his heart.

    "It was a very young team in Chicago, so there's that enthusiasm and that joy of winning for the first time," Jackson said. "LA had won. They were comfortable winning."

    "The city of Chicago is just a great sports city. That was a period of time in my life of great enthusiasm."