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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Janelle Wang's Sochi Blog: The Craziest Afternoon Ever

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    NBC Bay Area
    Olympic figure skater Polina Edmunds and NBC Bay Area reporter Janelle Wang.

    My goal today was to get another interview with Polina Edmunds, San Jose's figure skating sweetheart. 

    I was one of the few that interviewed her just moments after she got off the ice on Thursday night, but I wanted to check in with the teenager today.

    I knew she had a busy day with the press, including the Today Show, but I put in multiple requests with multiple people to see if the Edmunds team could make some time and squeeze me in to chat with her.

    In the meantime, I already had an interview with Maddie Bowman confirmed.  She is the halfpipe freeskiing gold medalist from South Lake Tahoe.  I've been following her in the weeks before the Olympics and her "people" and my "people" said we would definitely get a 1-on-1.   It was great seeing Maddie.  I'm so proud of this girl. She is always consistent and strong on the halfpipe and deserves gold. 

    Then around the same time, an alert came out!  Four-time Olympian and U.S Women's hockey silver medalist Julie Chu was named the flag bearer for the Closing Ceremony.   I had to get a response from her.  She was nearby and also just found out the good news herself.  She called it the greatest honor and was practically speechless.

    Then a confirmation.  I could snag Polina Edmunds for a 1-on-1 interview if I went to the Today Show set, where she was making an appearance.  My photographer and I quickly ran across the park to the set.  I spotted Polina Edmunds, Gracie Gold, and Ashley Wagner surrounded by media.   I let the Today Show representative know I was there too among the swarm of photographers and reporters.  The Today Show representative instantly recognized my name and my emails and brought Polina over to me. (If Jenny is reading this now, thank you so much.  She knew how badly I wanted to speak to Polina)

    As I spoke to the figure skater, I again noticed how eloquently she speaks for a 15-year-old. The San Jose teenager is as graceful off the ice as she is on.  We talk about the Olympics, the Bay Area, her greatest memories of Sochi, and her future, which is certainly bright. 

    After three interviews, I quickly run with my photographer to set up our live shot for "Today in the Bay."  We were on in 20 minutes. 3,2,1.  We make it and so do all our interviews.  Maddie Bowman, Julie Chu, and Polina Edmunds.

    A successful day!  Only two days left.