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Josh McDaniels' Jump to the Pats Nothing to Get Worked Up Over

Many people making a big deal out of nothing



    Josh McDaniels' Jump to the Pats Nothing to Get Worked Up Over
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    Josh McDaniels has had an interesting first few months in Denver with the trade of Jay Cutler, ongoing drama with Brandon Marshall and underwhelming moves to improve the defense. For his next trick, he'll defecate on a statue of John Elway while saying that the skiing is much better in Utah.

    There are a few people out there who are none too pleased that former Rams coordinator and former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was allowed to jump over to the Patriots right before the beginning of the postseason. McDaniels, who was the offensive coordinator for New England before he took control in Denver, ought to seamlessly ingratiate himself back into the fold with his former employers. But folks like Mike Silver at Yahoo hate the idea.

    The 2011 season should be treated as a separate entity, and if a coach such as McDaniels wants to line up a new gig, it should be effective after the team in question’s final game of this season.

    I don't agree with this at all.

    Banning coaches from jumping to other teams just because seasons should be "separate entities" is an arbitrary thing to do. McDaniels was let go by the Rams. Why shouldn't he be free to get to work for another team right away? This is AMERICA, consarnit. If a player is cut and clears waivers during the season, he can go elsewhere. Why not coaches?

    In fact, I would argue that McDaniels' presence helps preserve some measure of integrity to the Pats' staff, given that current coordinator Bill O'Brien is bolting for Penn State before the end of the season. You can't stop a coach like O'Brien from taking a college job before the end of the season, nor should you forbid a team from trying to fill that hole as quickly as possible.

    Silver also argues that McDaniels' presence on the sidelines gives the Pats a decided edge against the Broncos. That's a laughable notion, given that McDaniels was fired by Denver over a year ago, and given that the Broncos' current head coach thinks it's no big deal:

    "I think this is a lot about nothing,” said (John) Fox during Tuesday’s conference call with the New England media... “I know Josh a little bit. It’s always better to be employed as coaches than unemployed. He doesn’t even know our offense. Our offense is completely different."

    Exactly. And any coach stupid enough to leave every audible and tendency the same after a full year deserves to lose. Frankly, I hope that McDaniels' move clears the way for all-manner of mid-season coaching acquisitions. Todd Haley could be swooped up by the Giants, just in case Tom Coughlin loses his voice and needs someone else to yell. Hue Jackson could join the Texans, who may be in need of teary locker room speeches.

    A free coach should be free to coach. And I say that as someone who HATES Josh McDaniels. Leave it be. It's not a big thing.