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Josh Reddick's New Success Due To "Careless Whisper"

Wham! rescues once-ailing A's hitter.



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    New music, new man.

    Josh Reddick and the Oakland Athletics have a most-unusual, most-effective secret weapon.

    George Michael and Wham!


    The 1980s hit "Careless Whisper" is Reddick's new at-bat music, and the tune's been musical therapy for the once-struggling slugger, according to reports in and SFist.

    Witness: Reddick, two years removed now from a career 30-home run year, has had two multi-hit games since adding the song to the Coliseum playlist.

    Reddick says the song came on randomly in the A's clubhouse before a game. With a devil-may-care attitude, Reddick made the song his. And the hits have kept on coming.