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Go Ahead, Jump on the Bandwagon - They Don't Mind



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    Sports books Monday opened with Baylor as a four point favorite in its NCAa Tournament game against St. Mary's later this week.

    As recently as a week ago, St. Mary's hadn't won an NCAA tourney game in more than 50 years. Then the Gaels won two games in three days,  including a second-round win over a stumlbing but very talented Villanova team, and now face Baylor in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday.

    They've busted brackets across the country and earned the title of an NCAA Cinderella.

    Baylor's tournament dry spell is even longer.  The Bears hadn't won a game in the dance since 1950, but they're also making the most of their 2010 appearance. 

    As a No. 3 seed in the South Division, Baylor defeated scrappy Old Dominion to reach the Sweet Sixteen. 

    While both teams parallel in tournament inexperience, their approaches to this game are polar opposites. 

    Baylor  believes that defense wins championships.  The Bears have a strong offense, but are known to keep opponents scoring down.

    The Gaels are fueled by offense, and Omar Samhan has been the offensive stalwart so far. Samhan has 61 points and 19 rebounds in his first two NCAA games.

    Baylor will most certainly have some trouble matching up with Samhan and will have to decide early on if they want to double team him.  Villanova decided not to double team Samhon until the second half.  By then it was too late.  Samhon blew up the game with 32 points and seven rebounds.

    The Gaels are also shooting just under 40 percent from the three-point line in the tournament so far. 

    As an underdog the Gaels are 2-0 so far.  They will look to make that 3-0 Friday in Houston. 

    I say, give that Moraga team a glass slipper and let's get on with it.