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Larry Ellison Makes Short List for Warriors Bid

Oracle CEO competing with 24 Hour Fitness founder



    Larry Ellison Makes Short List for Warriors Bid
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    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is a step closer to purchasing the Golden State Warriors.

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is making waves in the Bay Area sporting world, with his team considering San Francisco for the next America's Cup race.

    He's also looking to purchase a stake in the Golden State Warriors, and an anonymous source has told the Oakland Tribune that he's one of only two bidders left.

    The other bidder who survived the cut is 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.

    And while Mastrov's line of business might be more appropriate experience for the owner of an NBA franchise than Ellison's knowledge of all things database, Ellison presents the more interesting possibility for San Francisco basketball fans.

    Ellison is widely rumored to want to pack the team up and ship them on BART over to San Francisco, possibly in a new stadium built near Mission Bay and the Giants' ballpark at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

    An announcement of the winning bid is expected shortly.

    Jackson West figures he can be a Warriors fan now that Seattle's world champion franchise was stolen by Oaklahoma City.