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McCourts on the Outs; Torre Says He's "Fine"

Ugh... more relationship talk? Let's just play ball.



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    Hold off on the relationship counseling for Joe Torre.

    On the same day his bosses announced they're separating, the Dodgers manager said his relationship with the team is "fine."

    Yes, the Dodgers play the Phillies in Game 1 of the NLCS tonight. Yes, we should be talking about baseball matters, like Torre's decision to start 21-year-old Clayton Kershaw tonight. Instead, Dodgerland has become a soap opera -- owners on the outs and managers denying feuds with the front office.

    Torre was responding to a question about comments made by ESPN baseball analyst Peter Gammons. Gammons characterized life with the Dodgers as "pretty much a living hell."

    Gammons was talking with Michael Kay on 1050 ESPN NY.

    "But my relationship is fine here," Torre said Wednesday during a news conference. "It's far from the living hell that it seems to say I was going through. You know, managing is tough during the course of the year, and you get worn out by the time the year is over, especially when you get to this time of year. But you get regenerated for the postseason.

    "But I know nothing about where that came from, and as I say, I still have the same plan that I've always had."

    Remember, this is a guy who managed for 12 years in New York under George Steinbrenner.

    Torre, 69, has one year left on his contract. He's said he'll likely retire after the contract expires.

    Owners Frank and Jamie McCourt confirmed Wednesday night that they have separated after being married since 1979. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported Thursday that they've already hired divorce lawyers -- and the split will not be amicable.

    Which means they'll be fighting to see who retains ownership of the team -- and could end up selling the franchise, valued at $722 million by Forbes Magazine.  Frank is the team's chairman, and Jamie is the team's CEO. They both attended NLDS games last week, but did not sit together.

    "Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt confirm that they are separated," a statement issued by the team said. "This is a personal matter and they request  that their privacy be respected. They will be making no public statements."

    Frank McCourt bought the team from News Corp. in 2004.