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McFadden to Miss Pre-season Opener



    McFadden to Miss Pre-season Opener
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    Darren McFadden will miss the Raiders' preseason opener.

    The career resurgence of Darren McFadden is delayed by at least one more exhibition game. McFadden is likely to miss the Oakland Raiders' preseason opener Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

    The Oakland Tribune's Jerry McDonaldreports that McFadden did not practice again on Monday. "No sign of Darren McFadden (hamstring) making it unlikely he’ll face Dallas Thursday," McDonald writes.

    McFadden has missed the last two days of Raiders training camp with the sore hamstring, and he is currently in the process of missing his third consecutive day. "In tha trainin room gettin tha hammy right," McFadden announced on his Twitter Tuesday morning.

    McFadden also informs his fans via Twitter that the injury is nothing serious. "Naw it aint that bad i jus dont wanna get back on it to fast," McFadden tweeted.

    Translation? "No. It is not that bad. I just don't want to get back on it too quickly."

    Sure, McFadden's tweets are reassuring. But his injury history is not. The fourth overall pick in 2008 has missed games due to injury in both of his seasons as a Raider, and has never cracked 500 yards rushing in an NFL season.

    McFadden fans can take some consolation. Because Raiders cornerback Walter McFadden is expected to play Thursday.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who hopes sumday playaz use betta grammar on tha twitter.