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Murph on Bonds' Witness List

Prosecutors think he is the expert on Barry's hat size



    Murph on Bonds' Witness List
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    Mike Murphy throws out the first pitch.

    We are just beginning to learn who will be caught in the legal net of the pending perjury trial of former Giants slugger Barry Bonds.

    On Monday the judge ruled
    professional ball players will be allowed to testify about their steroid dealings with Bonds' trainer and friend Greg Anderson, even though Anderson himself is refusing to testify.

    Then late Monday, the Associated Press got a hold of a witness list that includes beloved clubhouse manager Mike Murphy.

    Murph is supposed to be called to talk about the change in Bonds' hat size. He will also be asked about Bonds' apparent change in appearance after being shown a series of nine photographs that will also be introduced during the trial, according to the court filing.

    He might have to travel back to San Francisco from Scottsdale to do it because the the trial is scheduled to begin while the team is still in Spring Training.

    Word of Murph's forced testimony will probably not sit well with the current team or Giants fans. He started as a batboy and has been on the team's payroll for 53 years.

    Bonds was indicted on four counts of making false statements to a grand jury and one count of obstruction of justice. He has pleaded not guilty.

    The trial is scheduled to begin on March 21. On that date jury selection is scheduled to begin. It is not known how long it will take to seat a jury.