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NFL Likely to Have First Full-Time Female Official



    NFL's Likely First Full-Time Official

    Sarah Thomas is likely to be the first full-time football official for the NFL.

    The NFL roster of referees won't be released until next week, but the Baltimore Sun reported that Thomas is on the starter list to becoming permanent line judge.

    "There's a drive in me that says 'I want to nail it, I want to work the perfect game,'" Thomas told Nightly News during an interview in New Orleans.

    The mother of three worked her way up the ranks: starting to pee-wee leagues, to highschool, to becoming an official for the NCAA.

    She said that being a woman hasn't made any difference as she moved up in her career.

    When Thomas was asked what does the game demand: "Focus. Complete focus. You gotta also be in shape—I mean l look at these athletes. I've got to be able to move with them."