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NFL Wants Raiders, 49ers to Be Roomies



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    The Raiders and 49ers may start having quite a few close calls.

    Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers fans' have a history of not getting along so well.

    Imagine what it will be like if they have to share a room.

    ProFootballTalk.comis reporting that the NFL  "strongly prefers" putting both the Raiders and the 49ers in the same stadium, whenever some new Bay Area NFL stadium finally gets built. The report is based completely on blind quotes and anonymous sources, so you know it must be true.

    Putting two teams in the same stadium was not what they did in your father's NFL. Each team had its own stadium and that was that. But once the Jets and Giants both started playing in Giants Stadium in 1984, the shame of sharing stadiums wore off. And since those are New York franchises, the NFL wants every team to be just like them.

    It sure makes sense for the 49ers. They're on the hook for any cost overruns if the proposed Santa Clara stadium is built, and could use the Raiders' help covering the expenses.

    It sure makes sense for the Raiders, too. They did just renew their lease in Oakland -- but only for three years. A three-year lease for an NFL franchise is like a three-month lease to you and me.

    The Raiders franchise may be hesitant to do one of those "leave the town, keep the name" deals like the 49ers are attempting. But the millions in additional revenue they'd get by  doing so will kill that hesitation pretty quick.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who spends life jumping from three-month lease to three-month lease.