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Nelson Dubs Cohan "the Perfect Owner"



    Nelson Dubs Cohan "the Perfect Owner"
    Don Nelson defends his Embattled boss Chris Cohan.

    Ask any Golden State Warriors fan who the worst owner in the NBA is, and they'll tell you "Warriors' owner Chris Cohan" in fewer tenths of a second than LeBron James needs to hit a game-winning three.

    But Warriors coach Don Nelson would disagree. In an interview with NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai, Nelson described Cohan as "the perfect owner."

    That sound you hear is an entire Bay Area fan base slapping their foreheads in unison.

    In his 14 years as majority owner of the Warriors franchise, Cohan has made Donald Sterling look like Red Auerbach.

    The Mercury News' Tim Kawakami thinks over the "perfect" assessment and tweets, "Yeah, I might ask Nelson about that. "Perfect" owner? Perfect to fool, maybe. Perfect to mangle a franchise. Yep, perfect owner for Nellie."

    Thinking it over for a few minutes, Kawakami later tweets, "Cohan is "perfect" owner in same way B Winters was perfect coach, T Fuller perfect player."

    "B Winters" refers to Brian Winters, a Warriors interim coach from 2001-02 who won barely a dozen games in five months on the job. "T Fuller" refers to Todd Fuller, a stiff whom the Warriors drafted with Kobe Bryant still available, guaranteeing themselves another decade of futility.

    So maybe it just depends on your definition of "perfect." When it comes to not winning championships, Chris Cohan has a perfect record.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who had forgotten until just now that there even was a Brian Winters era.