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Owen Wilson Yearns for Warriors in Compromising Photo



    Owen Wilson Yearns for Warriors in Compromising Photo
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    In August of 2007, pretty boy Owen Wilson shocked everyone when he attempted to commit suicide. Many blamed drugs, while others claimed it was the demise of his relationship with Kate Hudson. Wilson himself has never spoken openly on the situation, so we'll never know if either is true.

    Big deal Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has splashed his love of the Golden State Warriors all over the internet for everyone to see. Unfortunately for him, he did it in an embarrassing way.

    paparazzi photograph (linked here) that hit the gossip blogs Wednesday captures the Wedding Crashers star just cold whipping it out and relieving himself on a golf course in Hawaii. This is especially awesome and hilarious for Bay Area NBA fans, because in the picture Wilson is clearly wearing Golden State Warriors gear.

    It's a great time out, indeed.

    Wilson is known to his fans by the nickname "the Butterscotch Stallion." Which makes sense, because sometimes that guy's gotta pee like a racehorse.

    Wilson has long been known as a Golden State Warriors fan. Yes, one of Los Angeles' biggest movie stars roots for the Warriors. Deal with it, Baron Davis.

    Fans have spotted Wilson at Oracle Arena for a Warriors game back when he was dating Kate Hudson. And USA Today reports that Wilson is a neighbor and poker buddy of Warriors coach Don Nelson. Nellie and Wilson both own vacation homes on Maui, where the leaked leak photo was taken.

    For all we know, Wilson may have been golfing with Nellie when the photo was taken. Why, I can just imagine the excitable young actor peppering the NBA's all-time winningest coach with regular guy Warriors questions about the new ownership, Steph Curry's off-season, and Golden State's free agent acquisitions.

    And then Nelson directing the conversation back to his preferred topics: his scotch, his dog, and what cuisine he ordered in last night while watching "Law & Order" reruns and falling asleep at 6:30 p.m. Hawaiian Daylight Time.

    While Wilson is clearly exposing himself, you cannot actually see his Royal Tenenbaum in the photograph. A black box has been photoshopped in to conceal his junk.

    An unedited version showing the dirty parts is not yet available on the Internet. Trust me. I've been looking for several hours.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks Jackie Chan might now have some serious second thoughts about doing another bathtub scene with Owen Wilson.