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Peek Inside the Lush Life of an NFL Groupie



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    Darren McFadden apparently enjoys road life in the NFL.

    The first rookie Oakland Raiders report for training camp duty this week.  That will bring an end to the long, painful off-season of no NFL news.

    For some non-news to make things interesting until then.  We're lucky and amused to see that one of the lady-notches in Darren McFadden's belt has posted pictures she says she took during a hotel hookup. The photos were evidently swiped and leaked, and are posted as a slideshow at Deadspin.

    "If you must bring a groupie back to your hotel room, don't leave her in there alone," writes author Barry Petchesky. "She will take photos of everything and share them with the world."

    There are no actual nookie photos, nor is there any reasonable proof that nookie occurred. But the girl is cute, the pictures are fascinating, and you won't get an inferiority complex from them because McFadden keeps his pants on.

    Black Sports Online does the due diligence and traces the photos back to a message board spat on a site called, umm, The photos were leaked without the lady friend's permission. She and the leaker then engage in a public comment war right there on that message board.

    It's not real football news, but it's a fantastic read to kill time until we get some.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who's suddenly glad that he can't attract cute girls in their 20s.