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Petaluma Little League Goes For Natl. Title

Petaluma takes on Tennessee Saturday.



    The Petaluma Little League team will play a team from Goodlettsville Tennessee for the U.S. Championship today.

    Tennessee is the only team to beat Petaluma in the Little League World Series, so this is a rematch. 

    The game starts at 12:30 p.m. and will air on ABC (Channel 7). If you are in the car this afternoon it will also be on the radio on KNBR's 1050. 

    If Petaluma wins, they will play for the world title against either Tokyo or Aguadulce, Panama on Sunday. 

    Petaluma is advances to the U.S. championship, after defeating a team from San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, a whopping 11-1.

    The game was shown in a theater in downtown Petaluma. There have been so many people wanting to watch the team as a group, Boulevard Cinema owner Dave Corkill dedicated two theaters for Thursday's game.

    The theatre will host Saturday's game as well.

    Baseball is a superstitious sport and the boys of Petaluma have a secret weapon in teammember's little brother named Ted.

    Below is a picture of Ted. The team rubs his head to bring them good luck. Ted did not make it to Williamsport, but the team has a photo and they all touch it prior to each game.