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Playboy Loves the Perky 49ers

The 49ers are not known for being playboys but that doesn't mean they can't play.



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    49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes takes a whiff of a cigar at an event at the Playboy Mansion. Photo: Camacho Cigars

    When you think of the 2010 San Francisco 49ers, you might be hard pressed to find one playboy on the team.

    Alex Smith arguably plays the team's most visible position but he is a married man who is known more for his quiet demeanor and leaving college early than chasing after the ladies.

    Vernon Davis might be the team's vocal leader, but he too prefers curling to arm candy. Then there's Patrick Willis, who might be the most dominate middle linebacker in the game, but he too is known for being a silent leader.

    Good luck trying to see past the gigantic wooden cross around head coach Mike Singletary's neck to see if he is a Playboy.

    None of that bothers Playboy. The men's magazine is putting all its bunnies in one basket and betting on the San Francisco 49ers to excite ladies everywhere by winning the NFC West.

    And while a return to the playoffs is the true sign of a perky young team, the magazine stops there. However Playboy contributor Rick Gosselin ends the 49ers playing ways early. He doesn't pick them to win the NFC.

    But to find out who does, you're going to have to pick up the magazine. We wouldn't want to take away "I only buy the magazine for the articles" alibi. The issue will hit new stands and e-Readers Sept. 17.