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Raider Nation Revolts Against Al Davis



    Raider Nation Revolts Against Al Davis
    Upset Raiders loyalists are proud of a billboard they erected near the team's home turf.

    The loyalists of Raider Nation are mad as Hell and they're letting the franchise's 80-year-old owner they aren't going to take it anymore.

    Suffering through the worst 6-year stretch in NFL history, die hard Raiders fans calling themselves MessagetoAl have rallied against the Al Davis, forming a group complete with a Web site, a petition and a very visible display in the form of a billboard.

    The billboard will be hard for anyone heading to a home game to miss. It stands just off the Nimitz, near the OaklandAlameda County Stadium, and bears the message:  "Mr. Davis, Do the right thing! Please hire a GM."

    The message they're sending is clear: they want Davis to step down and hire a capable general manager, someone with "experience and success in the NFL." They even suggest a couple names, including Jon Gruden, to replace the current Head Coach Tom Cable.

    They've already gathered about 24,000 signatures on their petition that they will send to Davis.