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Raiders Might Be in Lead to Land Hard Knocks



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    Scenes like this 2001 meeting between Lincoln Kennedy of the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis could be coming to a TV near you. Mandatory Credit: Robert Laberge/Allsport

    "Hard Knocks" could go from one pirate ship to another.

    Now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had publicly turned down the popular HBO series, will the Oakland Raiders accept the mantle?

    In a Twitter message, Tampa Bay announced that it had been offered a chance to be featured on the HBO series that made Rex Ryan -- and his foul mouth -- a household name last year.

    The Buccaneers cited a desire to focus on the field and not off as the reason for turning down the show.

    But the decision not to allow reality television cameras into the locker room, opens the door for another team to step in and take the Bucs place.

    One team rumored to be seriously in the mix is the Oakland Raiders.

    Al Davis and company have been suggested as one of the teams most likely to appear on the show since reports that HBO was looking for a team surfaced.

    Now the National Football Post's Brad Briggs reports that the Raiders along with the New Orleans Saints appear to be the two teams on top of HBO's list.

    With the legendary lore of Mr. Davis and the greatness of the Raiders it would be hard not to find an all access show about the team appealing.

    When Mr. Davis appeared before cameras to announce the promotion of Hue Jackson, fans and casual observers were talking about the appearance for weeks.

    Imagine if that was a weekly occurrence. It would make Rex Ryan's foot fetish look tame by comparison.