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Raiders QB Tying the Knot With Carrie Prejean

Raiders' Kyle Boller set to marry ex-Miss California Friday



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    Carrie Prejan is marrying an Oakland Raider.

    Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is making headlines about marriage again. But this time, the headlines are in the wedding announcements section, and the only thing gay about it is the guys she hired to do her floral arrangements.

    TMZ reports that Ms. Prejean is engaged to Oakland Raiders' third-string quarterback Kyle Boller. The two reportedly plan to marry this Friday.

    The wedding was announced four days before it is to take place. Draw your own conclusions there, people.

    Ms. Prejean was stripped of her Miss California crown after her controversial remarks on gay marriage and a series of topless photos. She has since made news again over a sex tape and her views on breast implants as sanctimonious expressions of one's Christianity.

    Boller, whether he has wanted to or not, has kept a much lower profile this past year. The former Cal Bear started four games at quarterback for the St. Louis Rams in 2009, all lopsided losses. He was signed by the Raiders this off season.

    She and Boller were engaged in February. Ms. Prejean had previously dated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, whereas Boller had previously dated noted blonde person Tara Reid. You could say they both have "a type."

    And yes, their wedding registry is available on the Internet. It almost makes me like them as a couple to see they have a bottle of Margarita Mix listed as a gift on their registry.

    You got yourself a cheap date there, Kyle Boller.

    Ms. Prejean's traditional nemesis Perez Hilton, the pageant judge whose question on gay marriage elicited her "opposite marriage" diatribe and catapulted her to fame, noted the wedding announcement on his blog. Hilton wisecracks, "We imagine she won't be wearing white!"

    Which is just fine, because chicks always look better in silver and black.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who will insist, in Ms. Prejean's defense, that they are technically not topless photos if there are stars photoshopped over your nipples.