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Raiders To Wear Retro Uniforms Four Times



    Raiders To Wear Retro Uniforms Four Times
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    The Raiders will be looking back to bygone eras this season.

    The team notorious for never changing it's uniforms is going to wear different uniforms four times this NFL season.

    In accordance with the NFL's slate of "AFL Legacy Games" to be played in the 2009 season, the Raiders will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of that league by wearing their old AFL uniforms four times this year. In a slate of selected games announced Tuesday, the Raiders will wear their 1963-era old-time silver and black uniforms, with the original Raider logo on the helmet.

    There will be sixteen of these old-uniform "AFL Legacy Games," as announced Tuesday on Most are games in which two of the original eight AFL teams are playing one another, like the Raiders-Chargers Monday Night Game in Week 1. 

    You can get a look at these uniforms, with jerseys being held aloft by the teams' respective coaches, at Tom Cable, being a throwback kind of coach anyway, looks like he might have just stepped out of 1963.

    The away uniform, not pictured above, features a white jersey and silver number with black trim.

    In addition to wearing the AFL threads on the opening Monday night and Thanksgiving Day against Dallas, the Raiders and their scheduled opponents will also rock the throwbacks Sunday, Oct. 25 against the New York Jets and Sunday, Nov. 15 against the Chiefs. Both of those are home games.

    The Jets will be appearing as the Titans of New York, their former AFL incarnation, with the awfullest-looking throwback uniforms in all of football. Kansas City will appear as their former selves, the Dallas Texans, in red uniforms and a "state of Texas" helmet get-up that actually looks pretty cool. Better-suited to a team that actually plays in Texas, but still pretty cool.

    Interestingly, the throwback Raider uniforms are not the original uniforms they wore in 1960, the season we're celebrating the anniversary of here. From 1960-1962, the Raiders wore gold and black. But Al Davis switched the team colors to silver and black when he took over as coach and general manager in 1963.

    And he's been running the whole show, top-to-bottom, ever since.

     Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who's ashamed to admit he kind of liked any variety of current or past Kansas City Chief unifrom.