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Raiders To the Rescue



    Raiders To the Rescue
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    The Raiders are snapping to the challenge of helping Livermore junior football.

    There might have been no joy in Livermore this football season. An unexpected fire had the beginning of the Livermore Youth Football and Cheer season in jeopardy.

    But that season is looking up, thanks to a big assist from the Oakland Raiders.

    The youth football league lost their uniforms in a fire at Mendenhall Middle School less than two weeks ago. They estimate nearly $50,000 in total damages.

    "On Wednesday, June 16, we discovered that somebody had lit our storage locker on fire,” athletic director Eric Wexelman told “All of the equipment that we use to train the kids, all of their uniforms…everything was in that locker.  All of it was destroyed in the fire."

    The Raiders organization has been on the spot, donating uniform pants to replace those that were destroyed in the fire.

    The Raiders and Oakland A's are also donating game tickets to Livermore Youth Football and Cheer, which the organization is reselling to raise proceeds.

    Additional donations can be made at the Livermore Youth Football and Cheer web page.

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