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Raiders Top Cowboys in Comeback Win



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    The Raiders beat the Cowboys.

    In the NFL, a win is a win.

    But if that win was a preseason game where the starters couldn't score and the team didn't have any points on the board until the game's final five minutes, you should have second thoughts about putting that deposit down on Super Bowl XLV tickets.

    The Oakland Raiders came back and won their first exhibition game of the 2010 season Thursday night, a 17-9 victory over the Cowboys in Dallas. But all of the Raiders' 17 points came in the game's final five minutes, when the teams' starters were all kicking back and taking in the game on the ginormous HDTV scoreboard.

    That's not to say some first-team Raiders didn't shine.

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    The Raiders' starting defense sacked Tony Romo three times -- just on the Cowboys' first drive. Two of those sacks came courtesy rookie Lamarr Houston, who had about as impressive a pro debut as a defensive lineman can have.

    This defense should be a lot of fun to watch, Raider Nation. The offense? Not so much.

    If you watched the first three quarters of this game, you saw two whole field goals. And they were both by the Cowboys.

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    The one legit drive the Raiders had all night was engineered by Kyle Boller, who hit tight end Nick Miller late in the fourth quarter for a 4-yard touchdown.

    Safety Jerome Boyd sealed the win with a terrific pick-six interception return for a touchdown with 34 seconds left in the game.

    Neither team's punter hit the scoreboard.

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