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Santa Clara Defending 49ers Stadium



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    Moving the San Francisco 49ers to a new stadium down the peninsula is a long-term goal, with a recent-term roadblock: Gov. Jerry Brown.

    The Mercury Newsreports that Santa Clara city councilmembers aim to remind the governor that the promise of $40 million in redevelopment funds was there way before the governor (or the recession) was.

    The governor's budget has painful cuts in many areas -- the most notable is in redevlopment funds. So the 49ers and the Oakland A's, and their hopeful fan bases in the south Bay, are fighting for their share, even before the cuts have been debated.

    Planting their flag in the sand, the Santa Clara council will "memorialize" the official language that shows the $40 million is committed -- and approved by the voters.

    Keeping these massive projects on track will take political expertise, some luck and, possibly, a quick turn of fiscal events: the state budget's shortfall is $26.6 billion.