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Sharks Fan, Win, Lose or Draw

San Jose native inspired by the Sharks



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    Sharks inspire art

    San Jose native Alfredo Morales says "I am a Sharks fan win, lose or draw, baby!"

    The San Jose Sharks inspired Morales to put pen -- and marker and crayon -- to paper. In three hours, he came up with a picture that captures the intensity of the Sharks, the spirit of hockey and the pride of San Jose.

    "I was born and raised in downtown San Jose," Morales told NBC Bay Area. "I've been a fan ever since they came here in 1991." He even has a tattoo of two sharks in the middle of his chest.

    Morales has rooted for the Sharks through the good times and the bad, as he and the team had their ups and downs. Morales said he landed himself in juvenile hall at age 11. In the years following, he fought alcohol and drug addiction and is now clear-headed. All he while, he had his art and his beloved Sharks, who he can draw from memory.

    Though there are still tickets available to tonight's playoff game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Morales can't afford them. He's homeless. "I'm a little financially unstable right now, so I'm hoping someone will purchase it."

    Morales will hang out near the Shark Tank tonight. Though he can't go to the game, he said, "I'll support them from the outside. Take it all the way Sharks, all the way baby!"