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Sharks-Hawks Series Given Hilarious Vegas Odds



    Sharks-Hawks Series Given Hilarious Vegas Odds
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    The Blackhawks aren't looking up at the Sharks in this series.

    Pssst! Want to more than quadruple your money? Bet on the crazy-underdog San Jose Sharks to come way back and beat the Chicago Blackhawks for the NHL Western Conference title.

    Pssst! Want to make barely enough money to pay for one stop at a toll booth on I-80? Then wager $30 on the Chicago Blackhawks to maintain their series lead and win the NHL Western Conference Finals.

    These are not exaggerations. These are the actual odds going into the weekend at online sports books as the Blackhawks-Sharks series resumes at the United Center in Chicago.

    You can absolutely still bet on a series once it's already started, but the odds are adjusted to reflect the current status of the series.

    The Sharks' current status is "Just so we don't get swept". The Blackhawks' current status is "We're talking to our banner design people." This is reflected in the gambling odds.

    At a gambling site like, a proposition on the Sharks coming back and winning the series is at +430. That is, one would win a whopping $430 for just a $100 bet. If one won.

    The prop on the Blackhawks to win, now that they're well up in the series and playing at home, is -600. You would have to spend $600 to make $100. You would have to gamble six times the amount you'd stand to win.

    So good luck, Internet gamblers. Fortune favors the brave! Unless it favors those who are down with just extremely meager winnings.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who figures that only most advanced problem gamblers actually bet on NHL hockey games.