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Sharks Jump the Shark Again



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    The San Jose Sharks are jumping the shark again.

    Thursday is April 15, and unhappy Americans are gnashing their teeth, making protest signs, and taking to the streets in anger.

    Yeah, San Jose Sharks fans are taking that 2-1 playoff loss to the Colorado Avalanche pretty hard.

    It's deja vu seeing its shadow all over again, as San Jose earned the best record in the Western Conference then came out and laid an ugly stinker of an egg against a vastly inferior team. The Sharks have now lost a Game 1 at home to an underdog team in each of the last four playoffs.

    You think San Jose fans aren't furious about this? Check out how Miss Shark Thang got herself on television last night.

    If you believe in curses, the Sharks were less than a minute away from overtime in a 1-1 contest being played in their own Tank.

    But Colorado, clearly wanting it way more, kept the puck right in front of the Sharks' net for the nearly the final two minutes of the game. This, despite the fact that San Jose prides itself on being the bigger and more muscular team.

    And with just 49.3 seconds left, an unlucky bounce off Shark Rob Blake's skate sent the puck past Evgeni Nabokov and into the net for the 2-1 Colorado win. Not a legitimate shot on goal, mind you, a bounce off Rob Blake's own skate.

    So, like death and taxes, the "Sharks choking again" storyline cannot be avoided. It happened last year, and the year before, and the year before that too.

    After the game, Sharks left winger Ryan Clowetold the Chronicle, "I think if you're thinking about what happened last year, you're not in the right frame of mind."

    No, we're not in the right frame of mind, Ryan Clowe. We're mad as hell, and we're not gonna take it anymore!

    And if you lose Game 2 like this Friday night at The Tank, we might even toss our television sets out the window.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who thinks that when hockey fans have "Whiteout Night" in the playoffs, the home team should actually bother to wear white