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Sharks' Playoff Schedule is Still Fishy



    Sharks' Playoff Schedule is Still Fishy
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    The Sharks are still in the dark about their playoff schedule.

    The NHL released the full seven-game schedule for the Sharks-Blackhawks Western Conference Finals on Friday, the San Jose Mercury Newsreports.

    And they like the series so much, they gave it two different schedules. In other words, they still haven't made up their minds yet.

    It all depends on the outcome of Friday night's Bruins-Flyers series in the East. A Bruins victory would lead to one certain schedule, a Flyers victory would result in the second schedule. Even though the Sharks wouldn't be playing either the Flyers or the Bruins in this particular round.

    The only game scheduled for the same date and time on both sets of schedules is Sunday's Game 1 contest at Noon PDT at The Tank. That game will be broadcast live on NBC.

    Next weekend's Game 4 of the Sharks-Blackhawks Conference Finals series will also be broadcast live on NBC.

    But once again, we don't know if that game will is going to be next Saturday or next Sunday. 

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would point out that Smuckers' Stars on Ice is the new Eagles.