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Please Stop Calling Jessica Simpson Fat

Singer cries her way through a show



    Please Stop Calling Jessica Simpson Fat
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    It's been a rough go for Jessica Simpson lately. Here's hoping to brighter days.

    So Jessica Simpson is having a bad couple of weeks. First she was called fat by every entertainment show and blogger out there. Then her sister, Ashley Simpson-Wentz (who is no stranger to being called names) had to come to her defense. But even that didn't work so her ex-husband, the ever talented Nick Lachey (what is he doing right now?) came to her defense without really refuting the claim at hand.

    "I think it's ridiculous that the media is making such a big deal about it," Lachey told the Associated Press. "It's ridiculous that it would be making headlines. But you can't believe everything that's written or reported in the media. I wish her nothing but happiness."

    Then to make things better (?) Kim Kardashian came to her defense and said she weighs twice as much as her pal.

    But apparently that didn't do the trick. The young Ms. Simpson has apparently had a meltdown, of sorts, on stage.

    During a show in front of 8,000 people in Michigan on Thursday, the 28-year-old reportedly forgot her lyrics and struggled with her ear monitors, which caused her to lose her place in her songs.

    She reportedly just plain forgot the lyrics to her song "Come on Over," and her band had to restart her song "Pray Out Loud." The whole performance only lasted 38-minutes. Some fans were upset, according to local Michigan media, but several offered their support.

    Simpson herself felt bad for the performance and told the crowd she was "Sorry" and that her  "voice is weak tonight," while fighting back tears.

    At one point she is quoted as saying she wished she could "walk off the stage" and at the very end of the show, she thanked her band for "having her back."

    No video has surfaced of the reported meltdown but check out the report below on her performance.

    If you really want to see her crying for some strange reason you can get your kicks in the video below that shows Simpson crying while singing "Let Him Fly."

    This is not the first time Simpson has a hard time on stage. When she broke up with her husband she also struggled and cried her way through a show.

    But for all you tabloid gawkers out there, know that everything is okay between Simpson and her current love, Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo. Simpson said she was going to spend the weekend with her man and that she loved him very much. And besides, only Terrell Owens is allowed to cry over Tony Romo.