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Tebow Changes How the Raiders Watch QB



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    Tim Tebow may be looking for a call from the Raiders.

    Looking at pre-draft drama unfolding for the Oakland Raiders, JaMarcus Russell's Raider may be as welcome on the practice field in Alameda as Steve Jobs would be on the Google campus in Mountain View.

    It may all be a smokescreen, but word is that the Raiders have eyes for a new quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. Legendary NFL talent scout Gil Brandt busted out that nugget of gossip on a conference call with reporters this week.

    The Oakland Trib's Jerry McDonald transcribes Brandt's remarks. Brandt "offered an anecdote about a visit Tim Tebow had with the Raiders," McDonald reports, "Tebow was asked to break down a play for the coaching staff and said, 'This is how it’s called with Florida, this is how it’s called with your organization, and this is how it’s called with West Coast teams.'"

    Wait, Tim Tebow had a visit with the Raiders?  Reportedly so, and reportedly Tebow aced the exam.

    It seems unlikely the Raiders would take Tebow in its No. 8 pick,  but it is possible Tim could still be around when it comes back around to the Silver and Black at No 39.

    Meanwhile, more bad grades for JaMarcus Russell. This time they come from former Redskins quarterback and analyst Joe Theismann.

    "I can tell you conclusively that JaMarcus Russell never will be able to play QB in the National Football League," Theismann said Wednesday, on Sirius NFL Radio. "He just doesn't get it."

    Pretty cold there, Theismann! But still nowhere near as harsh as the hilarious one Jimmy Kimmel cracked about you once on Monday Night Football.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would like to see Tim Tebow scrawl a "510" on the black greasepaint under his eyes.