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The End Zone is Here for Santa Clara Stadium Vote

Even the players are cheerleaders for Measure J, Santa Clara's stadium proposal



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    The 49ers are rooting for Measure J.

    You've heard from the Santa Clara City Council, you've heard from San Jose Mercury News editorial board, and you've heard from a few opposed citizens on Measure J, the $937 million San Francisco 49ers stadium being voted upon in Santa Clara.

    On this election day, it's time to hear from the placekicker, the tight end, and the starting quarterback.

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     "I think a new stadium here (in Santa Clara) would be tremendous, not just for the players but for the entire organization," tight end Vernon Davis told the San Jose Mercury News. "Plus, I wouldn't have to drive as far."

    Okay... maybe someone on the team can come up with a little more persuasive of an argument?

    "I think it brings a lot of things to the table besides playing in a nice facility," quarterback Alex Smithtold the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. "There are a lot of positive things that can come with it, especially financially. One of the things stadiums can do is bring some money into certain cities, wherever they are developed."

    Keep in mind that this is what the guy who writes their checks wants them to say. If any 49er not named Patrick Willis came out against the Santa Clara stadium, Jed York would make sure that player got a one-way ticket to the Detroit Lions in exchange for a 2012 conditional draft pick.

    "All we can do as players is put the best product we can on the field. That's how we can help Measure J to pass," said placekicker Joe Nedney told the Merc, sounding like he wants Measure J to pass. "This is a young team on the rise, and there's a lot of excitement. The product is good."

    So surely the 49ers players will do everything they can to help pass Measure J, including taking on the burden of actually going out to a poll and voting.

    "I don't know how many actually know that the vote is tomorrow," Alex Smith told the Press Democrat, the day before the vote. "I think they are all very aware that it's coming up here shortly."

    Sounds like these guys vote about as often as Meg Whitman.

    Of course, there is opposition to the stadium plan who are against to using any taxpayer money for a football arena.

    Bill Bailey with Santa Clara Plays Fair says there are duties that a city should be performing for its residents, and subsidizing NFL football is simply not one of them.

    The No on J signs, which are posted all over the city of Santa Clara say "stadium equals debt."  

    Its passage is far from a sure thing.  The vote is expected to be close.

    If Measure J fails, the team will have to start looking elsewhere for a new home.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who knows the results won't be coming in until 8 p.m., but will keep constantly refreshing the City of Santa Clara Election Results page all day anyway.


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