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Ump Who Robbed Giants Faces Discipline



    Ump Who Robbed Giants Faces Discipline
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    Umpire Phil Cuzzi faces discipline over a blown call.

    In the wild and crazy aftermath of Tuesday night's Giants comeback 7-5 win over the Dodgers -- a game where Tim Lincecum threw the most horrible pitch of his career, got sissy-charged at by Rihanna's boyfriend, and the Giants still won on some Bruce Bochy nit-picking, it's easy to forget that just two days before San Francisco was seething mad over a blown-call loss to the Mets.

    The fallout from that blown call continues, even as the Giants have moved on to facing L.A. The New York Daily News reports that Major League Baseball is considering disciplinary sanctions of home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi over the botched call.

    Cuzzi called Travis Ishikawa out at home in the ninth with the score tied. Replays showed that Ishikawa had not been tagged, and was safe with the winning run. The Giants ended up losing in the tenth inning.

    How bad was the call? Even the Mets' catcher told the Daily News that Ishikawa "was safe all the way."

    MLB is said to be more concerned over Cuzzi's behavior than the blown call. Cuzzi had removed his mask and yelled at players prior to blowing the game-changing call.

    Think a game two days ago isn't that important? If not for that blown call, the Giants would right now be on an eight-game win streak.

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