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Uribe To Go All Orange for the Playoffs

One of the Giants' players is taking his team colors to his head.



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    The Sharks have their playoff beards, and the 49ers did a Moustache Week back in 2008. But the greatest story in Bay Area sports hair-story may be growing before our eyes in the Giants upcoming playoff run.

    The San Jose Mercury News' Andrew Baggarlyreports that Giants shortstop Juan Uribe is plotting some shocking, neon orange facial hair now that the San Francisco had made its first National League playoffs in seven years.

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    "Juan Uribe is growing out his facial hair and he’s got something special in mind if the Giants make the playoffs," Baggarly writes, "An orange goatee."

    This information comes from no less an authority than Uribe's personal hair stylist.

    The stylist in question is Monster 99, a living legend in the sports hair stylist community. The gumshoe Mercury News Giants beat reporter was chasing Monster 99 down over a separate blockbuster story alleging that Brian Wilson dyes his beard.

    Monster 99 would not comment on the Wilson beard allegations. But he dropped they eye-opening tidbit about Uribe's beard.

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    Let's face it, a bright orange beard on a dark-skinned Dominican guy like Uribe is going to look just awesome. Plus it's October. Three guys you work with will decide to go as Juan Uribe for Halloween over the next ten days.

    Uribe doesn't just need the freaky facial hair to establish himself as a cult hero. He's the guy who hit two home runs and six RBI all in one night last week against the Chicago Cubs.