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Vacaville is Indianapolis-West Today



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    Kyle Devan's dad and aunt say they couldn't be more proud.

    In just one year, Vacaville native Kyle DeVan has gone from substitute teacher to Super Bowl sensation. DeVan will be in the starting line-up for the Indianapolis Colts today at the Superbowl. As Right Guard, it'll be DeVan's job to protect quarterback Payton Manning.

    "From nowhere to being a starter in the Super Bowl doesn't happen everyday but Kyle had the determination," said DeVan's father Ralph DeVan. 

    Just last year DeVan was living at home with his parents. After graduating from college and doing two stints on NFL practice squads, his football future looked bleak. But out of the blue, the Colts came calling.

    "I wanted him to have that shot one more time, and by God he got it," said his father.

    In just one season, the rookie from Vacaville became a football sensation. But his father isn't altogether surprised.

    Ralph DeVan says from the time his son could walk he knew he was a natural athlete. His father says from little league to high school wrestling, DeVan's always been a stand-out. In fact, he won the state wrestling title in 2003.

    But DeVan's dream has always been to play pro football.

    The player's Aunt says her nephew came into this world ready to play ball.  She recalls how his mother gave birth in the hospital parking lot. 

    "They tried to get her in the gurney and couldn't and out he popped.  And I always said he popped out like a football because he flew out," said Betty Chandler. "He hasn't stopped since I'm telling you he hasn't stopped since."

    DeVan's family will be traveling to Miami to root him on and watch him live his dream.

    "I really think he was made for this. Everything he's ever done was for this moment and this moments here," said his father.